Chrome’s Picture in Picture Gets “Skip Ad” Button

Can you think about watching YouTube without the “Skip Ad” button?

We skip ads on YouTube app and while watching YouTube on TV using Chromecast. We skip ads on YouTube while watching videos on Chrome.

We cannot however skip ads while watching YouTube or other videos in Chrome’s Picture in Picture mode.

That is changing.

Google’s François Beaufort has submitted a code change to the Chromium repository that will enable developers to add the “Skip Ad” button to videos in the Picture in Picture mode.

This has been created as an API so that developers can implement the feature for their video platforms. I am sure YouTube will be one of the first video providers to implement this feature.

Here is the description from the code commit:

This CL adds ‘skipad’ to the Media Session actions available to web
developers. It allows them to use it to show/hide a Skip Ad button in
the Picture-in-Picture window. When users clicks it, the action handler
is called.

François has also added some screenshots to this commit log, showing off the Skip Ad button.

Thank you François, for making our lives easier!

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