Chrome for Android to Get Gesture Navigation for Tab Browsing History

Google Chrome for Android will get a new navigation that will help you easily go forward or backward on any browsing tab.

The idea is to swipe left or right on the screen to go backward or forward I am sure this will go well with the new Android navigation gestures.

This is a very popular iOS feature on the built-in Safari browser. I’m sure this will find a lot of fans on the Android-land too!

A new flag is being added to Chrome to test this feature:

Android: Create a chrome://flags entry for gesture-nav

Creates a new entry in chrome://flags for gesture navigation
that will allow horizontal scroll gesture to navigate forward/backward.

The bug associated with this feature request is also public and provides a little bit more information:

I find the kSimpleUi variant of the overscroll history navigation to be quite elegant on touch enabled Chrome clients, so I think it would be interesting to try porting it to Android and seeing how it feels.

+mohsen as the original author of the Aura version
+nickrad for Android PM awareness to not be scared of crazy things
+mdjones for the most awareness of our browser composited UI these days

Definitely P3, but just something I wanted to track.

I would love to see this in action, but the flag is not available on the latest version of Chrome Canary for Android.

I am hoping to see this flag in Chrome in few days. Stay tuned for more. I’ll definitely have something cool to share with you all soon!

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