Chrome OS and Android Will Soon Sync Your Bluetooth Headphones

Now that the headphone jacks are almost gone, it is time to improve Bluetooth headphones and the way we use them. Most of the initial work was around making it easy to connect and set them up. Now Google is set out to do something that I find very interesting. You will soon be able to sync your Bluetooth headphones across devices.

That includes Chromebooks too.

So, here is how it will work. Chrome and Chrome OS users will find this extremely familiar. Let’s say you have a Fast Pair supported Bluetooth headphone connected to your Pixel phone. When this feature is ready, you will be able to use this device with your Pixel Slate, without setting it up again. Just like Chrome syncs your bookmarks and browsing history across devices, Google will remember and sync your Bluetooth devices information across devices, including Chromebooks.

Today, we’re making it easier for people to connect Fast Pair compatible accessories to devices associated with the same Google Account. Fast Pair will connect accessories to a user’s current and future Android phones (6.0+), and we’re adding support for Chromebooks in 2019.

You can read more about this here on the official blog post from Google.

If you already have a nice Fast Pair supported Bluetooth headset, awesome. If you are however planning to get one soon, let me know in comments! I am using a budget Bluetooth headphone right now. I think it is time to invest in a good Fast Pair and Assistant supported headphone.

Do you have any suggestions? Share them in comments. I’m sure other Chrome Story readers will enjoy this too.

PS: I’m considering a Chrome OS news/tips YouTube channel, as an extension of Chrome Story. What do you think? Let me know in the comments. I am not a native English speaker, so that’s going to be interesting, but I’d like to hear from you guys.

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