Chrome’s “Self Share” to Send Tabs from Android to Desktop

Google Chrome team is working on a new feature for its mobile version called “Self Share”. This may not be the final name for this feature, but let us take a look at what it is.

Update: This feature is now live. Here is how to use Chrome’s Send to Self feature.

Self Share

Here is the code change request that I noticed today:

Adding new feature flag for self share prototype

Since this was added as a flag, I could find the flag name and description from within the code:

Self share

“Allows users to post tabs from Android devices to allow other synced “
“computer to reopen those same “

So, here is what I think this will work. You find an interesting web page while using Chrome on Android. You would like to open this using Chrome on your desktop. Now, you will be able to use this feature to push this to your computer, provided you are logged in using the same Google account.

This different from the “Continue Reading” feature that Google is testing for Chrome OS. Continue reading is Chrome Synced Tabs on steroids. Self share could be something that you push, opening instantly on your computer.

I called “Continue Reading” a Chrome feature similar to Apple’s Handoff. Now, reading about  Self Share, I might have to correct this to call “Self Share” the “Handoff” on Chrome.

Also, Continue Reading was Chrome OS only feature. However Self Share could be a Chrome feature, which means you will see this on MacOS, Windows and Linux too.

What do you think? Interesting ?

PS: There was Chrome extension that a Googler built, similar to this. Google later made this a default feature. Was this synced tabs, or something else? Help me remember!

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