How to Hide Article Suggestions on Chrome’s New Tab Page (Android)

Google Recently added article recommendations to Chrome’s New Tab Page (NTP) on Android. This article explains how to hide them.

I personally prefer my Google Now feed for article suggestions. After telling Google what I like or rather do not like, the feed is not tuned to show articles that I would read. The article recommendations on Chrome NTP is something that I don’t spend much time on. If you ware like and want to remove these articles, there is a way to “hide” them.

Hide “Articles for you”

We cannot remove these article recommendations at the moment. However, we Google recently added a tiny icon that lets us hide these articles. Look for the up arrow on the top right corner of the “Articles for you” list. You can tap this icon to collapse the article suggestions, effectively hiding them.

Hopefully, Google will soon add a way to disable this feature. I will update this article when such a feature is available. In the meantime, if you find a workaround, do drop me a comment and I will add it here.

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