Manually Add Passwords to Chrome Password Manager

Summary: Google Chrome currently does not have an option to manually add passwords. Google, however, is working on this feature. We will see this in a future version of Chrome.

Google Chrome, even if we don’t call it that, is also a password manager for many. I store my passwords using Chrome. It may not have the same feature set as a standalone password manager, but it works.

Looks like Google is working on improving this part of Chrome. Looking at the new Podcasts app they released today, I will not be surprised if they release a Chrome-based password manager.

Google Chrome will soon let you manually save passwords to its password manager. You can enter a site address, username and password to store it. Currently, the only way to add username and password is by logging into a site and then opting to save the password when Chrome offers to do so.

The Code

According to the code change request, this feature will be added to Chrome for Android first.

Support manual saved password creation on Android

This CL implements functionality for adding new credential triple (site+username+password)
on Android.

Fortunately, the bug associated with this change is also available for us to read:

In the spirit of providing more value to the Password Manager Setting Page on Android, it’s proposed to implement the functionality, which allows the user to add a new credential.
Currently, the feature of adding new credentials (site+username+password) isn’t implemented on any platform.

We will most likely see a new flag in the Canary version of Chrome for Android for this feature. Once ready, this feature will make the “Save Password” piece of Chrome more like a Password Manager.

Excited or meh? Let me know what you think. Stay tuned for more updates on this feature and other upcoming features.

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  1. But the state of the feature says “Abandoned” that means what_?

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