How to Use Chrome’s New Emoji Keyboard

Google is preparing an emoji feast for Chrome users. They are adding an emoji keyboard to Chrome. You can use this emoji keyboard to insert emojis into anything on the web, Google searches, your Twitter and Facebook posts, and more. Here is how to use this new emoji keyboard.

How to Access Chrome’s Emoji Keyboard

The emoji keyboard is available in Chrome’s context menu. This is the menu that you can when you right click on any page. Here is how it looks like:

From the Context Menu, pick “Emoji” and you will see the emoji browser as a popup:

Here, you have your usual options, things that you are familiar with, from your phones and tablets. You will see the frequently used emojis on the top row. You have the search fox and also categories at the bottom. Click any emoji to insert it into the text field you have highlighted.

We are not done yet. You have more options. See that small icon in the top right corner? That further expands the emoji keyboard. Like so:

You can browse through more categories here. Also, you can add a selected emoji or character to favorites. Click the settings (gear) icon in the top left corner and you will see more options:

  • Customize list
  • Change character size (small medium or large)
  • Clear Frequently Used Characters.

The Emoji window will float around while you move around your open tabs and websites. That’s a real advantage.

I am using Google Chrome Canary on Mac. It might take a while before this feature shows up in Windows and in Dev, Beta, and Stable channels. Stay subscribed for more updates.

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