Chrome OS Keyboard Shortcut Viewer Gets a New Design

The Chrome OS keyboard shortcut viewer is getting a new design. The update and gives us the ability to search for keyboard shortcuts directly from it.

I am quite busy these days with some personal task and that’s why the blog has gone very silent. However, this update from François Beaufort was impossible to ignore.

The Chrome OS keyboard shortcut viewer has always been a very popular feature of Chrome OS. In the latest Canary update, this guy is getting a facelift.

Here is how the new design looks like:

Apart from the search field that is prominently displayed on the top, keyboard shortcuts have now been categorized so that you can easily browse through:

  • Popular Shortcuts
  • Tabs & Windows
  • Page & Web Browser
  • System & Display Settings
  • Text Editing
  • Accessibility

The  “Popular Shortcuts” section will be handy for new users who are getting started with Chromebooks.

If you are using Chrome OS Canary version, you can trigger it today with the keyboard shortcut Search + /. Later, this will switch to the default keyboard shortcut for this feature: <Search> + /

If you are on Stable or Beta channels of Chrome OS, this will reach your Chromebooks very soon!

What do you think of the new design? Is there anything else that you would love to see there? 

One response to “Chrome OS Keyboard Shortcut Viewer Gets a New Design”

  1. DennyL – Huge ChromeOS / crouton / Crostini fan.

    Refreshing new view and searchable – I like it.

    These are the ‘keyboard shortcuts’ (key-combos) that are also exposed in: chrome://keyboardoverlay/

    Not to be confused with ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ offered by extensions that are programmable in: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

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