Remove ‘Link You Copied’ in Google Chrome

Every time you tap within Chrome’s address bar to visit a website or enter a search query, you will see “link copied.” This happens when you have a link in your clipboard. A clipboard is where a phone or a computer saves the last copied item.

This prompt is a new Google Chrome feature on Android to make copying and pasting URLs into Chrome. This article explains how this feature works and disables it if you do not want to use it.

How do you copy and paste a link to Chrome usually? First, you will long-tap a link, copy it, open Chrome, long-press, and then choose paste.

This prompt wants to make it a bit easier for you. When you tap within the address bar to enter a URL, if you have a link in your clipboard (that is, if you have copied any link), Chrome will show this prompt. Chrome will automatically paste the copied URL into the address bar and open it when you tap this prompt.

Appears on Incognito Window Too

This seems to be happening even when you open an Incognito window, which is sometimes annoying.

Update: This flag is no longer available.

There used to be a flag in the chrome://flags to disable this feature (Clipboard URL suggestions). Unfortunately, this is no longer available.

A Workaround

A workaround that you can do is to copy a word or a letter. When you do this, the link on your clipboard is replaced with this word or letter. This will stop Chrome from showing the previous link you copied.

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  1. I want delete links which i copied.

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