Chrome OS Now Lets You Switch Between Your Connected Cameras

A lot of Chrome OS native features will become less important when Android apps become mainstream. I always thought that the Chrome OS Camera app also will be one of them. When the Play Store comes with those fancy camera/photo editing apps, the humble Chrome OS camera app will become inferior to many.

Or so I thought.

Looks like this is now how the Chrome OS team looks at it. They have updated the Camera app with a nice little feature. According to
François Beaufort who reported this first on Google Plus, the official Chrome OS Camera App now allows you to switch between all your connected cameras. This means you can connect a camera other than the webcam on your Chromebook and take photos using that.

This update is part of the version 4.5.5 update of the official Camera app that is available on the Chrome Web Store here. The changelog simply says ” Support for multiple cameras”. A new “Toggle camera” icon has been added to the app to switch between multiple cameras.

This may not be a thing that you would use on a daily basis. However, I can think of many use cases, such as a registration desk where you take photos of the applicants, where this could be really useful.

Will you be using this feature?

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