Use ALT + ARROW To Go Back On Tabs On Google Chrome

Google Chrome recently disabled the option to navigate tab history using the backspace key. Most of us welcome this change, but for those who miss this keyboard shortcut, here is the new shortcut:


According to Google, out of all the backspace hits on Chrome,  0.04% was for actually going back to the previous page visited. However 0.005% backspace hits where actually intended to be within a form.

And thus, the backspace key was removed its privileged duty of going back to the previous page on a Chrome tab.

If you are trying backspace after for the first time after the update, you will be told to use ALT + LEFT ARROW to navigate to the previous page.

Well, not everybody is happy with this change. There are people voicing their frustration on the Google Chrome forum, and some in creative ways. (Thank you Matt for that link.)

Also, use ALT + RIGHT ARROW to go forward on a tab.


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