No Sound Through Chromecast. How To Fix It?

You are able to cast a video to the TV from your Chrome browser, but not able to hear anything?. Here are some possible causes and solutions to try when there is no sound through Chromecast.

Are you using external AVR?

See if you are using an external AVR. This may be one of the reasons for the ‘no audio’ issue. Change it to your internal speakers and this may well fix it for you.

Check bass speaker audio cable

Check if you have an audio cable from the TV which is connected to the bass speaker that has buttons for different sources. If you don’t have, connect an optical line from the TV to the speaker so that it can choose a different source for audio.

Do you have stereo unit for audio?

If you have a stereo unit for audio on your TV along with surround speakers, turn the volume level to 0 using the remote that came with your TV. This might just fix your ‘no audio’ problem.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash may be one of the culprits.

To check if Adobe Flash is indeed the problem maker, you have to go to Chrome Plugins and click on the ‘Details’ button. Search for Adobe Plugin. Make sure PPAPI in the Type field is enabled. (PPAPI comes pre-installed with Chrome). If you see the second plugin in the list with NPAPI in the Type field, this is surely creating the problem for you. Disable it and make sure the only one that is enabled is PPAPI. You are likely to get the best audio once you restart Chrome.

Try TV audio On and Off

Click Menu on your TV remote. In your audio settings, alternate between surround sound ‘on’ and ‘off.’ You may leave it on while you alternate them. Then go to Sound Leveling and turn it off. Your audio may just work fine.

Unplug TV for 5-10 Minutes

If you have just bought a new Chromecast and see great visuals with no audio, you may just want to try your luck by unplugging the TV for 5 to 10 minutes. Plug it again and it might just work fine.

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