How to Make Chrome for Windows Play Audio in Surround

Right now some of you might be thinking “who’s using Chrome to play high quality audio anyways?”.

Well I think the answer is, a lot of people.

Sure, many of you are using your favorite VLC player, or some other kind of player, like iTunes or Spotify’s Windows application. But many users are using web-based HTML players like Spotify’s web player, Google Music, Pandora, even YouTube. Not to mention apps like Netflix and Google Play Movies, both of which play right inside your browser. So it’s not surprising that a person might want to put a little effort into making Chrome stream audio as best as it can.

What is surprising, is that Chrome still streams audio in Stereo by default.

This little trick I’m about to share with you forces Chrome to take advantage of Surround Sound, rather than just playing audio in stereo.

First thing’s first, you’ll need to create a Chrome shortcut on your desktop.

Once you’ve done that, right-click on that icon and select properties.

Then, in the target field, add a space to the end of whatever path is already filled in, and then add this:


Close Chrome. Now, as long as you open Chrome using the icon you created and modified, you should notice audio coming from Chrome being played in Surround instead of Stereo.

If this trick didn’t work, try removing what you added to the target field, and add this instead:


If one of those two tricks doesn’t work…I got nothin. These work for most people. I hope it works for you!

Let me know if it works, or doesn’t work. If you have any other similar tricks, let me know!

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