How to Change Screen Resolution on Your Chromebook

Early Chromebooks used to come with a standard (boring) resolution. These days, most of the Chromebooks come with a decent screen resolution. However what is more exciting is the new set of premium Chromebooks with attractive screen resolutions. With that comes the need to change and optimize screen resolution on these Chromebooks.

To change screen resolution on your Chromebook, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings and choose Display Settings.
  2. Or, you can directly open chrome://settings/display on your Omnibox. I usually open up Settings and start typing Display, and click Display Settings in search results.
  3. Now on the Display Settings menu, choose your screen resolution or screen orientation!

You can even configure the external monitor connected to the Chromebook from here.

Change Chromebook Screen Resolution Using Keyboard Shortcut

Here is an easier way to change your Chromebook’s screen resolution. A keyboard shortcut. Try this keyboard combination from any Chrome OS device that you have:

CTRL + SHIFT + + or (plus or minus symbol)

CTRL + SHIFT + + to increase screen resolution and CTRL + SHIFT + – to decrease screen resolution.

When the screen resolution changes, the following notification appears. Earlier, it was possible to change the screen resolution right from the notification area, but this is no longer possible.

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