Show or Hide Extension Icons on Chrome Toolbar

Google Chrome lets you show or hide extension icons on the toolbar. This is useful when you have many extensions and need to save some space.

If an extension’s action can be accessed through the context menu (right click) I hide them. This saves a lot of space on my Chrome toolbar. So, here is how to hide an extension’s icon and how to get that icon back.

Hide Extension Icon

Right click the extension icon and choose Hide button. Simple. This hides the icon.

Show Extension Icon

Open chrome://extensions and look for the extension that you hid the icon for. Click Show button icon.


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  1. YSK last I heard this feature was going away at some point, since you can just drag the divider to the left of the leftmost button and hide buttons that way. 🙂 It is more intuitive to get them back, as well, and they are still accessible even while hidden.

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