How to Diagnose Wifi and 3G Connection Issues on Your Chromebook

Here is a quick tip to find out the cause of Wifi or 3G connectivity issue on your Chromebook – testing internet connection on your Chromebook.

Note: This feature is only on Dev channel of Chrome OS for now. If you are not on the Dev Channel, wait for few more weeks and you will see this on your Chromebook too!

Okay, so, here is the deal. Whenever your connection is flaky, open up chrome://diagnostics from Chrome addressbar (omnibar) and select the connection type, Wifi or 3G. Chromebook will now start testing the adapter and show you the results along.

For example, for Wifi, it will first test the Wifi hardware of your Chromebook. If everything is good, you will see a green tick mark. Next up is the connection from your Chromebook to the Wifi router. If this is good, it will show the green tick mark again and move on to test the connection from your router to Internet.

Sounds useful?  Let me know!

Thanks François Beaufort

2 responses to “How to Diagnose Wifi and 3G Connection Issues on Your Chromebook”

  1. mudri – UK

    I’ve noticed that my Series 5’s WiFi sometimes cuts out for no reason. This will be useful.

  2. Wish I had this a while ago for my flaky Cr-48 connections . . .

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