How to Use Google Chrome As Your Default PDF Reader on Windows

One of the best features of Chrome is the inbuilt PDF viewer. It makes PDF files so light and fast. Sometimes I feel that Chrome handles it better than desktop-based PDF viewer applications.

Do you think Chrome is better than your desktop PDF viewer?

If your answer is yes, here is something really cool you can try. Make all PDFs on your computer open using Chrome.

How to Set This Up

Right-click on your Chrome icon on the desktop, select “Properties” now, from “Target” copy the content from there which ends at “chrome.exe”

Now, you need to head to your Windows file associations panel.

Windows XP: Bring up the Run dialog box (Win+R, or click Start > Run), type control folders, and then press enter. When the folder options window appears, click the file types tab.

Windows 7 and Vista: Click the Windows button and type associations in the search box. By the time you hit ‘asso,’ you’ll see ‘change the file type associated with a file extension. Click it.

In the list, scroll down to the “PDF” file type. Click on the “Change” button, and then paste your path to Google Chrome into the file box. Click OK, and the previous screen should now display Chrome next to “opens with.” Click close, and you are ready to go.

Test this and let me know if you liked it.

6 responses to “How to Use Google Chrome As Your Default PDF Reader on Windows”

  1. Does anyone else have a problem with printing pdf though chrome — mine often do not format shading correctly.

    1. works fine for me .. I will update you all in case I find some issues !

  2. worked like a charm! awesome & printing worked fine for me. no shading issues.

    1. superb !

  3. switching to Chrome now ?

  4. Nice thought, that we dont need to open an additional program when we have Chrome open, just for viewing a PDF.

    For “open” action, I am following that bug request. Will post if I find something new.

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