How To Remove Your Chrome Synced Data From Google – Re-sync Data

All of us use Chrome Sync, and most sync everything including our passwords. Do you want to know how many Bookmarks, preferences, themes, extensions, apps, and autofill entries you have saved on Google Servers? Do you know how to remove them?

I can tell you how.

ps: Please be sure to use this ONLY if absolutely necessary.

You can stop syncing your data on Google Chrome servers and erase all data from Google Dashboard. Your dashboard will tell you how many Bookmarks and preferences etc you have saved on Google’s servers. They won’t show the number of passwords because they stay encrypted there.

How To Stop Sync and Erase Data

Go to your settings page either by clicking the wrench icon or typing in chrome://settings in your address bar. Under “personal stuff”, look for “Stop Syncing This Account”  “Remove synced data on Google Dashboard

Now, this will stop syncing your data between the server and the current computer. If you want to remove data from the server, click on the link “Remove Synced Data On Google Dashboard’” and it will take you to your dashboard and will ask confirmation to delete data. This page also gives stats on how many preferences, bookmarks, etc you have saved on the server.

Again, do this ONLY if you wish to delete the whole data, which can not be recovered once deleted.

9 responses to “How To Remove Your Chrome Synced Data From Google – Re-sync Data”

  1. strongwinderic – Brazil – Jesus Freak!

    I deleted it cause I was having some problems with the sync, and then I just synced again. It corrected for me and I haven’t lost any data =)

    1. thanks for the idea 🙂 I didn’t think of the re-sync part 😀

      1. strongwinderic – Brazil – Jesus Freak!

        actually, the credits for this is from this comment:
        I just tested it and it worked for me., at last worked a little.
        I just noticed that the apps I installed yesterday at my home windows pc synced well at my linux boot in that pc, but not here at my job.
        Guess the sync is still a little broken.

      2. hi hi 🙂 ok .. sync will have issues if you are on dev build or if you have passwords selected to sync … ? I was having trouble from the time they started password sync .. stopped and synced again to get it fixed..

      3. haha, no problem 😉 glad to help =D

        wow, wow where is my credit in this. haha jk 😉

  • I’ve been using Chrome since it came out, and have been syncing since it was available. I don’t have a ‘Chrome Sync’ section in my Google Dashboard, nor it is listed under the ‘Other Products’. Where do I find it?

    1. Never mind, I found that I have to wait about 10 seconds for it to appear in the list. It isn’t there when I first open the dashboard, but it suddenly appears after waiting. Strange.

      1. cool 🙂 I had to use search and find to get Chrome in there 😀

  • Question:
    I synced on my pc and then synced on my mom’s pc. How do I delete all the synced data from my mom’s pc, but still have it on my pc?


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