Sync Your Open Tabs Across Multiple Computers Using Google Chrome

Tab Sync is supposed to be a part Chrome’s sync functionality by default, but for those who can not wait, here is an extension, “TabCloud”

Tab Cloud allows you to save any window session and restore it at a later date or on another computer. Effectively allowing you to sync open tabs between multiple computers.

How To Use

To use you simply click the TabCloud icon on the menu, you will then see your current open windows and previously saved windows, you can save open windows, or restore saved ones. You can also delete previously saved windows.
Additional features:

– Middle (or ctrl) clicking any tab icon opens just that tab.
– Clicking on an open tab icon jumps to that tab in a browser.
– Dragging a tab icon allows you to move tabs between windows, including to and from saved windows that are not currently open.
– Secure login using your Google account, with the option to logout on the TabCloud menu.
– Click on any windows name to rename at any time.

And guess what, this project is opensource and the code is available here. So, if you do not want to wait until Chrome offifially adds tab sync, try this one from here.

source : Via Lifehacker

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