How To Enter New Address in Full-Screen Mode of Google Chrome

Love Google Chrome’s Full Screen Mode browsing experience ? ( F+11  is the keyboard shortcut ) ? Do you want to know how you can open new websites without leaving fullscreen mode ? Okay, here you go and don’t forget to say thanks to

How to

1. Make Google Chrome the default browser on your computer. To do that, go to settings ==> Options page and there you can see an options as default browser. Set chrome as default browser.

2. If Google Chrome is open on your computer, then hit F11 to switch to full-screen mode

3. Now you need to hit (Windows Key + R) to open run command box of windows.

4. Enter new site’s address and hit Enter. You can see that the new site is opened in a new tab of the same browser. You can use above mentioned keyboard shortcut to open new sites in full screen mode of Chrome  ( don’t forget to type the address with http:// )

Howz it bro ? Any other shortcuts or tricks that you would like to share ?

2 responses to “How To Enter New Address in Full-Screen Mode of Google Chrome”

  1. To Close current tab Ctrl+F4.

  2. in full screen i can’t reach the back button and i’m stuck–any body else?

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