Hi, Blogging from Chrome OS

Hi people, just wanted to say a quick hello from Chrome OS. Yes, I am blogging from an early development build of Chrome OS !!

Chromium Zero, Customized Login Screen

The first thing I wanted to tell you all is about the font they are using here. It is awesome !! I use Ubuntu Operating system most of the times, and one thing I dont like about Ubuntu is the font used, yes, ( I can change it I know ). I never liked how my blog appeared on Ubuntu. But its damn sure that I will never have this complaint about Chrome OS .. I love this !!

See Chrome OS in action … do you see chromestory.com ?

I am using Chromium Zero OS from Hexxeh. It is pretty easy to create a USB image. I downloaded the .tar file, extracted it, and wrote the file to my USB stick using ImageWriter on Ubuntu. It works fine on both acer 4520 and acer 5920.

Chrome OS Main Menu, where the fun beings !

When you first connect the USB and try to login to Chrome OS, you might get network error. You should try using “facepunch” as user name and password,which is the default user, and login. You can connect to internet from here, and things should work fine when you login next time. ( remember, this is an early developer build, and yea, a friendly warning .. its better to avoid your main computer or laptop .. try this on any other computer if you can ).

Apart from cursor, fonts, and the Chrome OS menu, this looks more like our chrome browser, minus windows and task bars of your operating system. Option to connect to wifi was really simple. I selected my wifi network, and a small popup for entering network password came up, and that’s it !

Chrome Os Settings Menu

Things look pretty fast and clean here. I do not miss windows or Ubuntu now, and I now understand that 90% of the time, I will use my browser, when I am in front of my laptop. So, having a chrome OS netbook in the future makes sense to me!

ps: I cant find any option to shut down the computer !!!!

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