How to Make Your Default Search Engine for Google Chrome

Okay, Here is another cool tutorial for you. Make your default search engine for Google Chrome. It’s really simple, follow me …

1. Click Options.
2. Look for “Default Search” ( 3rd option )
3. Click “Manage”
4.  Click “Add”
5. Enter Details as follows Name: Bing Keyword: Bing Search URL:

6. Click “OK”
7. Look for the newly added on the list. It will be under “Other Search Engines”.
8. Select Bing
9. Click “Make Default.
10. Test it, and Enjoy it.

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4 responses to “How to Make Your Default Search Engine for Google Chrome”

  1. I just installed Chrome and realized that the default search engine was automatically set to….wtf? I thought google would have made the default. Is this a mistake?

    1. vow ! really interesting !!! 😀 😀 😀

    2. my guess is that you imported settings from another browser where Bing was the default search engine. Google says their goal is to not be evil… this bodes well for that endeavor.

      1. nope .. I didn’t import settings from another browser.
        and you know what, bing showed as one of the available search engines soon after an update, google did add it to the list of search engines.

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