Google Chrome, the Book

Google Chrome, the book? hmm,  no, I am not joking … and yea, you won’t believe me if I say it is a comic book !! Okay, I know most of you guys have already read this book, online … ( is there an offline version, I mean printed version of it? I don’t know .. ) so, for others … read on.

Google introduced the new browser Google Chrome, with a comic book explaining the features of Google chrome, and what google is trying to do by releasing its own browser. It will be a good read, if you are new to Google Chrome browser .. go ahead and read it here.

It was an innovative way of launching a new product, and everyone was discussing it when it was released for the first time … They used the same color tone on the book too, and it looks beautiful. So, go ahead and read the book … and let me know your thoughts !!

Update: Did they think of Chromebooks while launching Chrome with a book?

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  1. Chirag Chamoli – Bangalore – I am ui engineer, developer and entrepreneur who believes that a glass of scotch can solve allmost problems.

    Well have read the book and you already know the thoughts 🙂

    1. thanks for the comment 😀

  2. Poonam Sharma – I am a person of varied interests—anything related to art or creativity interests me. I am a complete movie buff. Given a chance, would watch a movie in any language of the world. I do try watching them now with subtitles. I would make a delightful audience of International movie festivals. I love watching plays and reading any engaging stuff that is available under this sun. I am quite a voracious reader. I am quite fun-loving and adventurous person. Once I set my mind to do something, I do it. As you would have guessed, it’s not easy to get me set my mind on something. I am bit short-tempered but then I cool down easily. I am also the laziest person in the world. I am completely unpredictable. It is difficult for me foretell about what I might do next. Life is a soul-searching and intriguing journey for me. Everyday I learn something new about myself. I realize I can easily come across as a paradox as I am more of an intuitive person than being extremely rational. I can easily embrace my worst enemy and snap at my best friend (Of course I like to believe that there was a sound reason). I love to be surrounded by friends but remain a loner at heart. Open communication and freedom of expression is very important to me. I love to talk about anything and everything—love, space, stars, flowers, finance, sex, drama. You name it, and I can get you involved in a heated discussion over it. Despite my love for communication, I am an immensely private person. Talk of paradox! There is nothing in this world that can bog my spirit down for long. I come back renewed to exorcise all the ghosts. Beware!

    This book was the first thing I read when Chrome came in.

    @Chirag: What are your thoughts? I liked the idea of explaining features in a comic format.

    1. good 🙂 I thought it would be a good starting point for new people !!
      Chirag does not like Chrome at all !! he is the leader of hate chrome club here at ! the rebel group lol

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