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  • 50 Chromebook Tips and Tricks

    50 Chromebook Tips and Tricks

    Chrome Story regularly shares Chromebooks news and tips. This is our collection of Chromebook tips and tricks. This is a useful resource for Chromebook newbies and experts alike.

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  • Chromebook Tutorial for Beginners

    The Keyboard The first difference that you will notice on a Chromebook is the keyboard layout. For example, you have dedicated keys for managing your Chrome browser instead of function keys. In this section, we will explore this keyboard and learn the basic keyboard shortcuts that you will need. Here is the first thing for…

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  • Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts & Function Keys

    Are you a Chromebook user? Here is a set of keyboard shortcuts that you can use every day on your Chromebook. If you are new to Chrome OS, these shortcuts will help you master your new device. Commonly Used Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts First up, a handful of keyboard shortcuts that every Chrome OS user must…

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