Charging and Low battery Sounds Coming to Chromebooks

Pixelbook Go

Google is working on adding system sounds to Chromebooks. With this essential feature, your Chromebook will make tiny noises when you connect it to a charger or when the battery is low.

Pixelbook Go

System Sounds for Chromebooks

According to a new Chromium Gerrit code change, I spotted today, Google is adding system sounds to Chromebooks. This will add audio notifications for low battery and ‘charger connected’.

Here is the experimental flag from the Chromium Gerrit:

Power Sounds: Enable device charging and low battery warning sounds.

We have seen similar efforts by Google in the past. However, Chrome OS is increasingly looking like a real operating system now and I hope to see this feature go beyond a mere experiment this time.

The code change is yet to reach the Canary channel of Chrome OS. Stay tuned to Chrome Story and subscribe to the YouTube channel to see a demo of this new feature when ready.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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