Chromebooks to Get MAC Address Randomization

MAC Address Randomization

Media access control (MAC) addresses are used to identify devices on WiFi networks. For additional security, you can randomize them. ChromeOS is working on MAC address randomization for Chromebooks.

MAC Address Randomization

If you ask Edward Snowden, he will tell you about how agencies track you on networks using your device’s MAC address. To work around this, companies started adding a new feature that allows users to randomize MAC addresses on their devices.

iOS and Android (6.0 and later) both offer MAC address randomization. On Desktop, Windows 10 and Linux kernel 3.18 also offer this security feature.

ChromeOS is also following suit. I spotted an experimental flag in the Chromium Gerrit:

MAC address randomization: Feature to allow MAC address randomization to be enabled for WiFi networks.

Is this cow the brand ambassador for MAC address randomization on ChromeOS?

MAC Address Randomization

I am hoping to see this flag in action in an upcoming Chrome OS Canary release. Stay tuned to Chrome Story to see this feature in action.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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