Refresh Wallpaper Every 10 Seconds – Coming Soon to Your Chromebook

Your Chromebook can automatically change the wallpaper daily. You will soon be able to change wallpapers every 10 seconds.

Wallpaper Auto-refresh

Chrome OS allows you to pick a wallpaper category and let it automatically change the wallpaper every day. What if you want to change faster? Now that Google is working on an option to pick Google Photos as a wallpaper category, I would love to set an album as my wallpaper and change the wallpaper every minute or so.

Chromebook Wallpapers

With the new Personalization Hub, Google is beginning to add such a feature. A recent code change request spotted on the Chromium repository talks about an option to change the wallpaper every 10 seconds.

I would need more control on how frequent the wallpaper refresh is, but this is a good start. Here is the experimental flag the team has added to Chrome OS.

Enable shortened wallpaper daily refresh interval for manual testing: Allows developers to see a new wallpaper once every ten seconds rather than once per day when using the daily refresh feature.

I wouldn’t need my wallpaper changing every 10 seconds, at least with the current set of wallpapers. However, I might need this feature when the Google Photos integration lands.

What about you? Does this feature make you happy? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Repository.

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  1. Hello:

    I have a question…

    NOT on enabling desktop version of ALL websites, all the time (#request-desktop-site-GLOBAL) — but on the related Flag (#request-desktop-site-EXCEPTIONS) described by Android as “An option in `Site settings` to request the desktop version of websites based on site level settings. Flag request-desktop-site-global needs to be enabled when enabling this flag.”

    QUESTION: Does enabling both give the option of forcing SPECIFIC websites to ALWAYS use the desktop version (while all others use the mobile version)? *

    Much Appreciation.

    * If my interpretation is correct, then I will proceed with determining WHY the OPTION to specify a website in “Site Settings” is not apparent…

  2. I am happy for those who are happy!

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