Chrome OS to Get an Audio Settings Page

Google is adding an audio settings page to the Chrome OS settings page. The new page will allow “greater audio configuration” according to Google.

Chrome OS Settings

Audio Settings Page

A code change request I spotted in the Chromium OS repository suggests a new entry into Chrome OS settings. The team is working on an audio settings page for Chrome OS.

Audio Settings Page: Enables the dedicated Audio Settings Page in system settings, which allows for greater audio configuration.

Currently, Chromebook audio settings are part of the Device Settings page. With this new change, audio will have its own subpage under settings.

Does this mean more audio-specific features coming to Chrome OS? We do not know that yet. This could just be Google’s way of making the Settings app streamlined and easy to use.

If there are going to be more audio features, you know where to read about them. So, stay tuned.

Do you have any wishlist items for audio on Chromebooks? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Repository.

One response to “Chrome OS to Get an Audio Settings Page”

  1. Is this still coming? I have a chromebook that is connected to a monitor via USB-C –> Hub –> HDMI –> Monitor.

    The chromebook thinks the monitor has speakers and then tries to default to it as the output for sound. I need to change the settings daily as I log into the computer.

    Any guidance for how to disable that output or set the internal speakers as a default?

    Thanks in advance

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