Tab Close Confirmation Coming to Chrome for Android

Google is adding a confirmation prompt to avoid accidental tab closing on Chrome for Android. A new popup will ask you to confirm when you close all open tabs at once.

Video – Tab Close Confirmation Coming to Chrome for Android
Chrome for Android

Close all tabs modal dialog

Unlike other browsers, Chrome does not warn you when you close multiple tabs. There are extensions that help you add a confirmation prompt, but that’s limited to the desktop version of Chrome. You don’t have many options on the mobile version of Chrome.

Google is fixing this on Chrome for Android with an upcoming feature. A new experimental flag that I spotted today in the Chromium code repository talks about adding a confirmation dialog on Chrome for Android.

Close all tabs modal dialog: Shows a confirmation modal dialog when clicking ‘Close all tabs’ in the app menu.

The tab close confirmation is now available in the Canary channel of Chrome.

Now, I want to know if you ever missed some important work or a download because you accidentally closed the Google Chrome window. Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit and Chromium Bugs.

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