Chrome Adds Browsing History to the Page Info Bubble

Google Chrome is making it easy to access browsing history for individual websites. You can soon access history from the page info bubble.

Page Info Bubble

What is a page info bubble, you ask? That small popup appears when you click the lock icon in front of a website address.

You currently have a few options, including a shortcut to the site settings page here. Google will soon add history to the list.

Here is the code change request I spotted today in the Chromium repository:

Page info history: Enable a history section in the page info.

The flag showed up in the Canary channel later in the day. Enable the new flag, restart the browser, and you get the new page info-bubble with the history shortcut.

Page Info Bubble – History

It might take a while before the shortcut starts behaving the way it is intended to. For now, the history page opens when you click this new shortcut. However, I hope to see this evolving into a more helpful shortcut. For example, you could open the history page filtering browsing history for the current website.

Or maybe add an option to delete history for the website with a click or two?


The new history shortcut is something that can become a handy feature. I hope to see it working better by the time it reaches the stable channel.

What do you think about this new feature? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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