Chrome OS to Get ‘Desks Templates’ to Group Apps and Windows as Launchable Templates

Google is adding a new feature named “Desks Templates” to Chrome OS. Desk templates help you group apps and windows and save them launchable templates.

Update – November 6th, 2021 – Desk templates are taking shape in the Canary channel of Chrome OS.

Saved templates – Chromebook desks

Desks Templates

Let’s assume that you are at work. To begin your day, you need your email, a couple of websites, and applications. And it would help if you had this every day. Currently, the only way you can preserve these apps and websites for daily use is by not restarting your Chromebook.

What if you could save all this and open them with a single click every day?

That’s what Google is trying to help you do with launchable desk templates. Here is the experimental flag that I spotted today in Chromium Gerrit:

Desks Templates: Streamline workflows by saving a group of applications and windows as a launchable template.

The feature request bug associated with this change is private. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult for me to bring you any additional details about this feature at this point. However, I am hoping to see this working in the Canary channel of Chrome OS soon.

Bookmark this article for updates on this new feature.


I have seen a handful of Chrome OS features tagged”Productivity” in the past. This, however, is a productivity-enhancing feature, in my opinion. I don’t use the “desks” feature on my Chromebook much. However, launchable templates seem to be a feature that might encourage me to give them a try.

If you already use Chrome OS virtual desks, I am sure you will find this feature helpful. Hence, I would love to hear your thoughts on this enhancement. Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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