Google Photos ‘Memories’ Coming to Chrome New Tab Page

Google is working on a new feature for Chrome, bringing “Memories” from your Google Photos account to the new tab page.

Google Photos Memories

Google recently added a memories widget to Android. Now, they are bringing one more way to remind you about memories on your Google Photos account.

You can test this feature if you have the following Chrome flag available:

NTP Photos Module: Shows the Google Photos module on the New Tab Page – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

I can see this on the Canary version of Chrome. You will most likely see this on Dev and Beta versions as well. Enable this flag, restart Chrome, and you will see this new feature working.

Here is the prompt to enable memories on the new tab page.

Now here are my memories for the day:

Google Photos Memories on Chrome

I see my Chrome new tab page more frequently than the Photos app on my phone. That makes this the best place to get alerts for memories.

However, I know not everyone will be happy about this feature. I would love to hear your thoughts on this new tab page module. Let me know your comments.

2 responses to “Google Photos ‘Memories’ Coming to Chrome New Tab Page”

  1. Don’t want this, don’t want anything on there except 8 or possibly 10 favourite sites that I can manually edit. I don’t want a shopping cart in Chrome and I especially don’t want the Discover Feed.

  2. I was perfectly happy with my “Dragon” wallpaper!!!

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