Chrome OS Phone Hub to Show Your Recent Apps from Phone

Phone Hub on your Chromebook will soon display recent apps from your Android phone. Google has added an experimental flag to test this feature.

Recent Apps in Phone Hub

Phone Hub on Chromebook

Let’s first take a look at the flag and description.

Recent Apps in Phone Hub: Enables the Recent Apps feature in Phone Hub, which allows users to relaunch a recently streamed app.

In the first read, it sounds simple. You open app A on your phone and later, you launch it from the Phone Hub on your Chromebook.

What if app A is not installed on your Chromebook?

Okay, the flag description mentions “streamed app”. So, you might be able to stream an app from your Chromebook even if it is not installed.

But now the question is this. Is this feature only for “recently streamed apps” from your phone or all apps? Let’s go back to our example. If app A is installed on your Chromebook, you launch it normally. If it is not, then Google will stream the app without installing it.

What about apps that you cannot stream? If I have an app installed on my Chromebook, will you still stream it or launch the installed app?


As you can see, I have more questions than answers at this point. We should be able to answer all these in the coming days as the feature makes its way to the Canary channel.

Stay tuned for updates on this story.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

2 responses to “Chrome OS Phone Hub to Show Your Recent Apps from Phone”

  1. Chrome OS Phone Hub to Show Your Recent Apps from Phone.
    Can I use this to mirror games as wel?

  2. thankyou, if i have more questions later on apps on my phone that i would like to add to my chromebook i’ll reach out to you, thanks again for the info on the phone hub.

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