Chrome OS Adds Notification Management to Settings

Google is adding a new sub-page to Chrome OS settings to help you manage notifications. The new page is currently a work-in-progress.

CrOS Settings App Notifications Page

Your Chromebook already has an option to manage notifications. Click the system tray and then click the dropdown arrow next to ‘Notifications.’ Here, you will find a list of apps and extensions. Next, check or uncheck who can send you notifications. It looks like Google is planning to improve this.

As a first step, notifications will move to the Settings app. I believe this is a precursor to adding a robust notifications management system.

If you are on the Canary channel or development channel of Chrome OS, here is the flag that you need to enable.

CrOS Settings App Notifications Page: If enabled, a new App Notifications subpage will appear in the CrOS Settings Apps section. – Chrome OS

Enable this flag and then restart your Chromebook. Next, open the Settings app and go to Apps > Notifications.

Apps > Notifications in Chrome OS Settings
New Notifications Page

I don’t see many apps listed on this page for now. However, as this feature progresses through the Dev and Beta channels, we should see more details about Google’s plans for this page.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this move. Let me know in the comments section. Also, is there any specific Chromebook notifications-related issue that you would like Google to address?

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