Google Chrome to Get ‘Snooze’ for Notifications

Google is working on a notification snooze option for Chrome. This adds a Snooze action to mute notifications shown while sharing a screen.

Snooze While Sharing Screen

I spotted a new experimental Chrome flag in Chromium code today:

Snooze action for mute notifications: Adds a Snooze action to mute notifications shown while sharing a screen.

It sounds like a neat feature to have. But then I remembered about something that I recently reported here. Chrome will soon pause notifications while sharing the screen.

So, is this the same feature, or a new one? Here is the description of the code change request.

“This adds a new “Snooze” action button to the Mute Notifications shown when notification content is hidden during a screen sharing session. The new action will stop any future notifications from showing up until the screen sharing session is stopped. They will then still all show up so the user does not lose any of them. This mode continues to be completely transparent to sites. This new action is guarded by a feature flag so we can experiment with it to see how users use this new feature.”

I will have to test this flag to find out what exactly it does. However, for now, I think it is the same feature, but with an option that lets you snooze notifications. Chrome won’t automatically snooze all the notifications unless you tell it to do so.

Well, that’s my best guess. I am hoping to see this flag in action in the Canary channel soon. I shall have more information for you in a week.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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  1. Hey Google, please give us SNOOZE for notifications. It just makes sense for us to NOT need to disable all notifications when we otherwise could just pause them for an hour or day.

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