Google Redesign’s Chrome’s HTTPS Indicator (Lock Icon)

Google Chrome uses a lock icon to display HTTPS and Non-HTTPS websites. This is changing. Chrome is replacing the lock icon with a dropdown arrow.

Omnibox Updated connection security indicators

Today’s Canary channel update has a new Chrome flag:

Omnibox Updated connection security indicators: Use new connection security indicators for HTTPS pages in the Omnibox. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android.

Enable this flag, restart Chrome, and you can see the new design. Here is the old and new design for a side-by-side comparison.

Use the slider to compare both images.

Apart from the design change, Chrome has updated the text that appears in the popup message.

The old message said:

“Connection is secure. Your information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to this website.”

The new message is shorter than the old one:

“Connection is secure. This site’s connection is secure unless Chrome tells you otherwise.”

The message links to the help article for additional information.

Now the question is, why this change. For example, Google might be planning to add more elements and wanted a dropdown indicator instead of the lock. Or, it could be a way to invite users to click it to read the additional message.

That’s my best guess so far. I would love to know what you think about this change. Do you see any significant policy change on the horizon?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Well, if the intention is to make it less noticeable, especially to non-technical users, mission accomplished. Should be rendered all but forgotten and useless in short order.

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