Keyboard Shortcuts from Android Apps Will Soon Be Visible in Chrome OS Shortcut Viewer

I don’t know about many keyboard shortcuts on Android apps. However, if you use them, here is good news for you. You will soon see those keyboard shortcuts in the Chrome OS Shortcut viewer.

Keyboard shortcut helper integration for ARC

Your Chromebook has a keyboard shortcut viewer to search and find keyboard shortcuts. This little tool helps you find quick ways to complete actions on your device.

Now that Google has added Android apps (and Linux apps and much more), the keyboard shortcut viewer needs an update.

My initial thought was, who uses keyboard shortcuts for Android apps. Then I thought, if there are useful keyboard shortcuts that I do not know about, this might be the best way to learn about them.

And then I remembered this. Google is working on a new keyboard shortcuts customization app. This new app has an option to create keyboard shortcuts for Android as well. I haven’t seen it working yet, but you will see all the platforms that this app will support.

Keeping the new shortcuts customization app in mind, this feature could come in handy.

So, here is the flag that made me talk all this:

Enable keyboard shortcut helper integration for ARC: Shows keyboard shortcuts from Android apps in Chrome OS Shortcut Viewer

The design document for this feature is private, so no luck on getting further details. I will look for this flag in upcoming Canary channel updates. I might have a screenshot to share with you very soon.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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