Chrome Adds ‘Your Search Engines’ Section to Settings

Google Chrome is adding a new section to its search engine settings page. The new ‘Your Search Engines’ section will help you

Your Search Engines

Remember when Gmail used to add anyone you email or emailed you to your contacts list? Chrome’s list of custom search engines also works like that.

Everytime you search within a website, Chrome adds it the list of search engines. This can quickly become a very long and unusable list of websites.

Here is my list. I don’t even recognize half of them items in this list.

Google wants to help you fix this miess (that they created). A new experimental flag that I spotted today adds a new section to search engine settings page.

Active Search Engines section on settings page: Enables a ‘Your Search Engines’ section on chrome://settings/searchEngines.

According to the developer who added this code “This section contains any search engine
that has either been used or manually added/modified by the user.”

Here is what you get after you enable this flag (currently in the Canary channel):

Your Search Engines- Chrome

The “Your search engines” section will surface search engines that you have used or modified. It puts “your search engines according to you” separately from the list of “your search engines according to Chrome”.

If you use the custom search engine feature of Chrome, this is defnitely a welcome change. It might take a while for this to reach the stable version of Chrome. Make use of this new list when it becomes available. Be happy.

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