Chrome to Organize Recently Closed Tabs Better On the Menu

While ‘Memories‘, a new take on browsing history is in progress, Google has improved how it displays recently closed tabs in the menu.

Show app menu history sub menus

Google added a new experimental flag to the Chromium Gerrit yesterday:

Show app menu history sub menus: Show app menu history sub menus for the contents of recently closed tab groups and windows. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

I had to wait to see this in action before I could write about it.

This flag is currently working in the Canary channel of Chrome. Here is how the menu looks like before the flag:

This is a long list of recently closed tabs from the current device and other devices where you use the same account.

Now, here is the menu with this new flag enabled:

Chrome now organizes tabs from your recent browsing sessions and windows. You can restore those tabs individually or all the tabs from that group.

This new submenu system is useful for those who frequently restore tabs from the Chrome menu. It is also useful when you have to restore tabs from other devices.

I am still waiting to see how this new ‘Memories’ page is going to bring in. However, for now, this is a welcome change for sure.

What’s your thought on this new feature? Let me know your thoughts.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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