Chrome’s New Share Menu Adds Social Media Shortcuts

We recently saw a new sharing menu on the desktop version of Chrome. It looks like Google is adding a few social media sharing options to this menu.

Social Media Sharing Icons on the Addressbar

Social Icons in Chrome

We often depend on Google Chrome extensions or social media icons to share content to Facebook and Twitter etc. This might soon change.

Google is adding social media sharing options to Chrome’s new sharing menu. The latest version Google Chrome Canary has Mail, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Linked in the list.

This, ofcourse is currently ‘work-in-progress’. Things will most likely change or might get cancelled before it hits the stable channel.

I am hoping to see a working version of this feature in the coming days. For example, we will soon see those placeholder icons replaced with official icons for those services.

It will be nice if we get an option to configure what shows up there. I would want to replace Linkedin with Reddit, for example. For now, all links take me to a Linkedin sharing page that does not work.


A built-in way to share content on social media is a welcome change. Add this to the ability to highlight and share text from specific parts of web pages, and things get more interesting.

What do you think? Is this something that you find useful, or is it another piece of non-essential feature that you’ll have to live with?

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