Chrome gets a New ‘Quick Action Search Widget’ on Android

Google is adding a new search widget to Chrome on Android. The new widget named ‘Quick Action Search Widget’ adds a few tiles along with a search bar.

Update on 14/JUL/2021: Here is what it looks like:

Chrome Quick Action Widget

It looks like we have shortcuts for incognito, voice search, Google lens, and Chrome dino game. However, as of today, only the dino shortcut is working.

Quick Action Search Widget

If you have Google Chrome Canary for Android installed, enable the ‘Quick Action Search Widget’ flag and restart Chrome.

Next, head over to the Widgets section of your phone and look for this new widget. You will get this new widget, which, sadly, is not working yet.

Quick Action Search Widget – Android

As you can see, this widget is still a work-in-progress project for the team. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see search query tiles that Google is testing on Chrome’s home page.

Google Chrome Home Page

It might also feature recent search queries from your account. If it syncs across devices, you will be able to pick up searches from your Chromebook or laptop here and continue. (One more reason to keep those private searches to Incognito.)

For now, I’ll keep this empty widget on my phone’s home screen and wait for it to work. When it does, I’ll update this article with new screenshots and let you all know what’s the deal behind this new widget.

Do you want a persistent reminder about Google searches from your recent past on your home screen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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