Chrome OS to Add an ‘Overview’ Button to the Status Area

Google is adding an overview button to Chromebook’s status area. This will be a third method to access overview mode.

Update: Here is the screenshot.

Overview Button in Status Area

Back in 2013, Google added overview mode to Chrome OS. It opened up a view similar to Mac’s Mission Control feature. You could access this using the overview key on your Chromebook keyboard, or using a three finger swipe.

Now, Google is adding one more way to access the overview mode. They are calling it ‘experimental’, so it might go away before you see it on the Stable channel. Plus, the status area is getting crowded with new features and menus. One more thing to keep in mind.

The Flag

A new flag showed up in Chromium Gerrit this morning:

Overview button at the status area: If enabled, always show the overview button at the status area.

It might take a while before we see this working in the Canary channel or the Dev channel. I will have screenshots for you here when it is ready. For now, the flag description is all I have.


Do you think it is a wise idea to add a new button to the crowded status area of your Chromebook desktop? Especially for something that you can already launch using two other methods?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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