Google Chrome to Get a Release Notes Page at chrome://whats-new

Google is adding a new page to Chrome at chrome://whats-new. As the name suggests, this page will tell you what’s new in the latest version of Chrome after each update.

Update: ‘What’s New’ is now part of the menu.

What’s New

What’s New

Google recently added a ‘Release Notes” page to Chromebooks. It is now part of the ‘Discover‘ app. Even though the flag description does not give away much information, I am certain chrome://whats-new page will also work the same way.

So, what did I find in the Chromium code today? Here is the new flag that the team has added.

Show Chrome What’s New page at chrome://whats-new: Enables Chrome What’s New page at chrome://whats-new.

This is a common practice in the software world. You will see release notes popping up after updating your operating system or even your browser. I remember correctly, Mozilla Firefox also gives you a tour of new features after each update.

Code for the What’s New Page


‘What’s New’ page is not a Chrome innovation. However, it will help Google showcase new Chrome features and put them infront of more users. For users, it will give a way to learn more about the new Chrome version after the update. If there is a new feature, they will learn more about it and how to enable or use it.

So, how does this page look like? We will have to wait for a few more days to see that. I will add screenshots to this article when it is ready.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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