Chrome OS Gets a New Feedback App

Google is adding a new dedicated Feedback app to Chrome OS. This is currently a work-in-progress.

Feedback App

The Feedback app showed up in the Canary channel of Chrome OS a few weeks ago. However, it was an empty rectangle until today’s update. So, here is your first look at the new Feedback app.

The app is currently not fully functional. However, it gives you a fair idea of where Google wants to take it.

This looks like the screen that you might get after sending a report. You also have an option to send a new report.

There is a lot of emphases now on recommending what you can do after sending feedback. Would you like to review the Explore app to see what’s new in Chrome OS? Do you want to run a diagnostics and see if everything is ok? Or maybe you want to review reports from other users in the Chromebook community forum.

I will update this article if clicking the “Send new report” button does something new and different than what we currently have. Otherwise, we are looking at a new and neatly presented Feedback app with additional recommendations.

Thoughts? Comments?

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