Chrome for Android to Display ‘Store Hours’ to Help You Shop

Google is adding store hours to Chrome for Android to help you shop better. These will appear on the tab grid view.

Store Hours

Google is busy adding shopping-related features to Chrome. We have already seen ‘Chrome Cart’

Chrome Cart, which is available on desktop version of Chrome, displays your shopping carts from different online stores.

With store hours, we don’t really have to guess what it’s going to do because of the name. Here is the flag and flag description that I spotted today in the Chromium code repository:

Store Hours: When enabled, shows store hours for stores in tab grid view.

Merchant Viewer

Google is also working on a ‘merchant viewer’ option to help you with online shopping.

According to the flag description, the merchant viewer allows users to ‘merchant trust signals on eligible pages’.

It is not easy to guess what this feature is from the description alone. However, it is safe to assume that it will help online merchants display additional security/trust elements to help users make better choices.


The pandemic has forced us to do most of our shopping online. Plus, we have seen a handful of Chrome features around online shopping for the past few weeks.

It might take a while for us to see the final form of all these bits and pieces put together. Google I/O 2021, maybe?

Do you have any guesses on what Google is trying to do here? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit

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