Chrome OS to Get a VM Status Page at chrome://vm

Google is adding a Virtual Machine, VM, status page to Chrome OS. This will be available at chrome://vm.


Virtual Machines or VMs are not new to Chrome OS. I haven’t used them. However, if you use VMs on your Chromebook, here is a good news for you. We do not have more information on this feature yet, but you will soon have a page to view status of all the VMs on your Chromebook.

Following the Chrome/Chrome OS tradition, the new VM status page will be available at chrome://vm.

We spotted this new Chrome flag in the Chromium code repository today:

VM status page: Enable VM status page

The code change request has the following additional information: “Add a enabled by default flag VmStatusPage for chrome://vm”

That’s all we have at the moment. However, we should be able to test this flag on the Canary channel of Chrome OS soon. Hopefully, you will get to see screenshots from this page in the coming days.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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