Offline Dictation Coming to Chromebooks

Google is getting ready to add another accessibility feature to Chrome OS. You will soon see offline dictation working on your Chromebooks.

Offline dictation, as the name suggests will help you transcribe text without an internet connection. This is an accessibility feature. However, regular users also will find this useful.

Dictation extension

A recent code change adds two new flags to the Chrome OS code.

  • Experimental accessibility dictation extension
  • Experimental accessibility dictation offline

The bug that tracks this feature request also makes the intention behind this feature clear:

“Feature tracking bug for offline speech recognition in Dictation”

We do not have more information on this feature at this moment. However, we should see this working in an upcming Chrome OS Canary Channel update.

Stay tuned to receive more updates on this and more upcming Chrome OS features.

Source: Gerrit, Gerrit and Chromium Bugs.

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  1. An Alternate Theory of Everything – Vaughn Jennings worked as an educator for small Christian schools in Ohio, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin from 1965 until 2007. Since retiring he has been a volunteer, lay preacher, researcher, advisor, blogger, writer, and editor.

    When will this option be available?
    I NEED it.

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