You can soon copy and paste to upload files using Chrome

Do you use drag and drop to upload files using Chrome? You can soon copy and paste files too.

Adding File Support to Clipboard

A Chromium code change request that I spotted today reads “Add file support to clipboard.” It sounded interesting and I started digging.

The feature request bug for this change was public and that made things easy for me. It reads:

“Users can Drag/Drop files from OS file browsers (Explorer, Finder, …) onto pages. Users should be able to copy/paste files as well. This is supported in native apps.”

In other words, just like you do on desktop apps, you will be able to copy and paste files to websites.

I love using “drag and drop” for uploading files. It makes the process pretty easy. I don’t have to select upload and then browse to find the correct folder and file. But I have to keep both the file manager and the browser tab to use drag and drop.

With this new feature, Chrome is going to make it easier to upload files. CTRL + C here and CTRL + V there. Web is just another folder now.

Work in Progress

This feature, of course, is still work-in-progress. It might take a few weeks before we see this in action. I shall update this article with more information when it becomes available.

In the meantime, let me know if you find this feature useful.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

2 responses to “You can soon copy and paste to upload files using Chrome”

  1. Welcome to this new function that may make Chrome OS more compliant with MS Windows and win over many more users. Printing issues next in line for an upgrade. Thank you.

  2. Did this feature ever actually happen?

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