Chrome to Let You Use Saved Passwords Across ‘Affiliated’ Websites

Google is working on a new feature that will let users store passwords on a website and use the same password on other ‘affiliated’ websites.

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Affiliated Websites

A few weeks ago I saw a code change request related to ‘affiliated websites’ in the Chromium repostiroy. I did not understand its significance and hence did not save it.

Yesterday morning, I saw a new experimental flag on Chrome that read:

“Fill passwords across affiliated websites: Enables filling password on a website when there is saved password on affiliated website.”

Now, I cannot find those code change requests explaining what an affiliated website is. However, I can tell you that something interesting is coming to Google Chrome soon.

If I remember correctly, affiliated websites are websites owned by the same company. There could be other critera as well. However, one example I remember is and They are different websites but owned by the same company, Google.

I will test this feature when the flag becomes available in the Canary channel and update this aricle with more details. Fow now, drop your speculations in the comments field below and let’s discuss.

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