Chrome’s Tab Share Will Soon Work Without Chromesync

Allow me to explain. Chrome has an option to send tabs from one device to another. At present, you will need to sign in to Chrome (aka Chromesync) for this feature to work.

This is changing.

According to a new flag that I spotted today in the Chromium code, Google will soon let you share tabs from Chrome if you have signed into your Google account.

Send tab to self when signed-in: Makes the tab sharing feature also available for users who have \” only\” signed-in to their Google Account (as opposed to having enabled Sync).”

In other words, you will soon be able to use tab share without sending it through Chromesync.

List of devices – Android Send to Self

Here is my take. This is not a big news for Chrome. However, by separating tab share from Chrome, Google might be taking steps to make it an indepentant service. We might see more features and investment for the tab share and other related services.

Do you think Google is up to something? Let me know in the comments section.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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